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Embracing the latest technology

Online shopping has made life so much easier. It saves you from going outdoors this summer yet you end up with all the items you want. Amazon is one among the many shopping sites that have captured the Indian market and provide over the top services to their customers. Their products range from the big fashion brands like Only, Forever new, Vero Moda to even the most mundane of household things, everything is now available at the click of a finger as you sit in the comfort of your home. However, many a times it might so happen that a customer may want to contact the representatives of the company or get in touch with the customer care to put forth his problems regarding either product or service quality. Amazon understands that there could be times when their customers face some kind of problem, issues, etc. and would like to contact them and for this very reason, the online shopping site has set up Amazon customer care all across the country.

Amazon customer care contact details

In order to be able to freely communicate with the representatives of the company, you would require their contact details which this article seeks to provide you with. To contact the Amazon customer care number justdial, the number is 022 30430101. This is however not a toll free number and if a customer wishes to make calls on this number they will have to pay for the entire call duration according to normal tariffs. If you however want to get access to a toll free number, just dial 180030009009. Calling on this number will not invoke call charges from the customer.

They care about you

To ensure satisfactory services to their customers, Amazon has a number of different help lines beyond just a couple of phone numbers. There are many ways to communicate with the company’s support team, for instance, you could log onto this url:
https://www.amazon.in/gp/help/contact-us? Once you have logged in, select your query from among the list. Be specific with your issue and also choose the right option via which the amazing task force at customer care can contact you. If you follow this procedure then you not have to make calls to the company, instead, the representatives will approach you the way you want them to – that is, through a phone call, email or chat option, whatever you have chosen.

There is also another Amazon customer care help line number that you can call on from any corner of the country. The number is 18004197355. You can call anytime between 8 am to 8 pm and rest assured that the customer care service will help you through. Besides this, you could also follow Amazon on the various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google or LinkedIn to have your problems or doubts cleared and clarified at an hour of the day. Following Amazon on these social media platforms will also keep you updated with the latest offer and discounts that the site has for you!